Growing up as an Amputee

Growing up as an amputee is a very unique experience. It can be lonely, yet overwhelmingly sociable at the same time. There were many tearful moments, and also lots of tiny victories celebrated. It was not easy, and I’d be lying if I said I never wished to be born with both feet. But oh how different my life would be. I would still be over in Russia. I would never have met my wonderful parents. Living the life I have has made me completely aware of how one life can affect so many other lives.

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I was a very timid child. I had crazy amounts of anxiety for a kid.

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h grade, I would dread going to recess because a girl in my class would find me and have the same dialogue every day. She would come up to me and kick me as hard as she could in my fake leg and ask me if it hurt. I would roll my eyes and say “no, it’s fake”. Then I’d ask her to stop since she already knew the answer. I hated when people pointed out my differences, and getting kicked every day for it wasn’t enjoyable either. I remember seeing her coming toward me and other kids getting ready for their daily laugh. As she approached me I kicked her. I bent over her and asked if it hurt. I don’t condone violence, but I bet any parent reading this can relate to having their little one come home in tears. She never messed with me again, and we ended up becoming pretty good friends.




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I also spent a lot of time asking my mom if a boy would ever date me. She would tell me I’d find someone who could look past a disability. she also told me any guy would be lucky to date me. I figured she had to say that as a mom. I didn’t date much in high school, but I now have a great boyfriend who I go on amazing adventures with. Stick in there, because you will find someone who will look past it. I found someone who pushes me to look past my limitations daily!




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