Daily Struggles as an Amputee

#amputeeproblems is a commonly tweeted topic & most of them are 100% relatable. Here are some daily struggles as an amputee. Please share yours in the comments!

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Dirty Foot Shells


Foot shells come in 2 skin color options. Brown or white….There are no shades. I am not pale, but I am not african american either. My footshell ends up being more of a greyish color within a month’s time of use.




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Sores are unavoidable. You may have the perfect fitting socket, but if you use it you will feel it. I like to think of my sores as a visible sign that I am pushing my limits, but the discomfort can be pretty terrible at times.






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Mobility device for life


After getting such bad sores, you may not be able to wear your prosthesis. For lowerlimb amputees this means crutches or crawling. Luckily I found a device that is a step up from crutches, iWALK.




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Cosmetic cover


You can add a cosmetic cover to make your device look a bit more realistic and less robotesc, but it adds some weight. I used to spend a lot of time and energy covering my leg, and then I decided it wasn’t worth it. Cover or no cover you can still tell I have something on my leg. My lack of confidence was weighing me down (quite literally), and slowing me down as well. I now go full robot.







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TSA is always an embarassing experience. You make the machines go off, and you get pulled aside. You are all amped up to travel, and you get stopped in your tracks for being disabled. You get patted down, and eventually cleared, but it is an unavoidable experience. It is definitely worth looking into precheck if you travel a lot.







If you really are struggling and need some help checkout this page here!

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