Free Things as an Amputee

Being an amputee can have its drawbacks, but if I can have free stuff because of it?? Well, that makes things a smidge easier. I don’t in any way encourage abusing the system, but I do recommend taking advantage of disabled benefits. Here are free things as an amputee you can enjoy!

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Traveling As an Amputee

So traveling as an amputee is totally demoralizing. I begin to sweat as I line up to go through the metal detector. I am inevitably going to beep, I am sweating profusely because I am awaiting the glares, and then to top it off they look at my passport that states I was born in Russia. I try to explain to them ahead of time that my leg is artificial and that it is going to set off the machine. They silence me and rush me along. Then the machine blares, the lights go off, and they yell code into their walky-talkies. I get pulled aside and felt up and down…Want to feel like you come out on top of this situation? You can check your mobility device for free!

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Hiking as an Amputee

I love to hike, bike, and camp! I also love to visit National Parks. If you want to read about hiking click here. Anyhow as an amputee, you can get a lifetime FREE pass. You get in for free annnd you never have to renew! (If you’re not a hiker, but are looking for other ways to get active click here)!




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Driving as an Amputee

I moved to Washington state about a year ago, and I found out the most spectacular thing ever. Handicap parking is free in downtown Seattle. I work downtown, and I was spending a good portion of my paycheck on parking. Many people are abusing the system on this one so I am not sure how much longer this will be in effect, but check out your state’s benefits for the disabled.

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Fishing as an Amputee

I have a friend who loves to fish and happens to live in California where they give free fishing licenses to the disabled. Some states require veteran status, but not all!


3 thoughts on “Free Things as an Amputee

  • January 2, 2018 at 12:12 am

    Hmm, I went to check out the national park pass, but am not seeing it. Maybe they changed the rules for 2018? Or am I blind?

    • January 2, 2018 at 8:55 am

      Karmina, I went to check out the website & it is definitely difficult to find. I have updated the link to be more direct ( ). It is still free to permanently disabled hikers!

      Happy Hiking!

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