What is a prosthesis?

When people ask whats on my leg, and I respond with it’s a prosthesis – They give me a blank stare. I’m an amputee…it’s fake….

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Common question, difficult answer

So what is a prosthesis?

There are many components that make up an artificial limb. There are many similarities between an arm & a leg.

Both use a

  • liner
  • socket
  • suspension system

Suspension System Options

  • pin & lock
  • atmospheric
  • elevated vacuum


  • hand of some sort
    • the hook is still the most functional hand out there!
    • lots of tech out there!
    • 3D printed hands
      • http://enablingthefuture.org/

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  • ankle/foot of some sort
    • sach most basic
    • hydraulic
    • RUSH (I wear this one)

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Function or Fashion?

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  • cosmetic covers
    • skin
    • 3d printed
      • https://www.alleles.ca/


  • robot

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I’ve built some prosthetics myself & have uploaded videos of them on my youtube channel check it out here!

Go to our Get Help page for more resources about prosthetics!

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